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And one day they will ask us: “what did you do when you found out?” by Nina Harjula, Director, Marketing, Danfoss Editron

I’m writing this while sitting outside in the garden, the temperature is close to +30 degrees Celsius which is exceptional for June in Finland – well, exceptional at any time in Finland. Can’t help but enjoy how beautiful it is out here, nature is blooming, birds are singing, the air is clean, and I can soon enjoy eating berries, rhubarb, and apples right from my backyard.

But how long will it stay like this? Looking at the predictions from UN Climate Reports, CO2 levels keep on rising, we are no longer talking about just climate change, we are facing a climate crisis. We are running out of time to save all this to our children and their children.

Why electrification

I love writing stories, that’s my thing, that’s been my thing ever since I was a child. For the last 3 years, I have been writing about electrification – and how electrification is the key enabling technology to cut emissions. We need to “clean the grid” meaning transition to 100% renewable energy and then we should electrify almost everything. If we do that we still have a chance to cut the emissions into the Paris Agreement level. It’s doable and according to recent studies it will eventually be also cost efficient and what’s more important, we need to act now.

So, I’m asking what can be more rewarding a job than telling the stories of electrified machines around the world; the first ever full electric excavator, the first ever electric ferry, street sweeper or hybrid heavy truck and their positive impact to cutting emissions. It’s rewarding, and for a story lover like me, it’s heaven.

And yet, I am even happier when we find out that those ‘first ever’ cases become the new standard, they go from 0-series into serial production, they are commercialized. The reason is that even though from a dramatic point of view that’s not so exciting, that’s when we know the magic is happening and we are changing the future. I have been called a “cleantech geek” – and I’m okay with that, actually I wear that title like a crown on my head. Do you know why? Because we are the first and the last generation to act and to make the change to save this planet. We owe it to the Greta Thunbergs of this world, we owe it to our children and grandchildren. There will be a day when they ask us “what did you do when you found out?”.
And trust me, they will ask.

Electrification Sustainability

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