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Bauma 2019 in review with Nina Harjula

This year’s bauma trade fair was the biggest ever, with over 620,000 visitors from more than 200 countries attending over the course of the week-long event. Danfoss had a strong presence at the event, exhibiting at two booths with one dedicated to showcasing our recent electrification advancements in off-highway vehicles as well as digital displacements.

We caught up with Nina Harjula, Danfoss Editron’s Marketing Director, to get her thoughts on the event itself, if the OEM industry is ready to go emission-free and what our customers want from us now and in the future.

What were your overall impressions of this year’s bauma event?

The event was a success. The fact that there was a record number of visitors definitely came across as our stand was always crowded, while the events we held were well attended. A number of subjects regularly came up in conversations with our visitors, with electrification being the top topic of discussion. In fact, the official post-bauma report has stated that electrification was the most frequently searched topic at the event, accounting for 30% of all search requests.

Can you tell us about the digital tool Danfoss Editron had on our stand?

We wanted to offer visitors to our stand an experience, rather than simply explaining our technology or showing our components, so we developed a simulation tool featuring real-life projects we’ve already delivered to customers. The concept was to display a selection of our machines in action while at the same time allowing visitors to visualize how our electric drivetrains exactly work and the benefits they offer. We filmed four of our machines – the 25-ton Pon-Cat electric excavator, Logset’s hybrid harvester, the world’s first hybrid electric horizontal drill for Normag and the Sisu Polar hybrid heavy truck – and also logged data direct from their drivetrains. We then produced a platform where visitors could select the machine they were interested in and see how that machine’s drivetrain functions in different conditions.

The whole experience was very realistic, with surround sound and a vibrating floor giving the feeling that you were actually standing next to these big, powerful machines. Not only was it a really fun thing to do (and we are grateful to our customers for allowing us to film their machines!) but it was also the perfect way to showcase that we are the only company to have systems in serial production and already up and running in real-life commercial applications. (note: this simulation tool now available online, test it yourself !

There was a number of PowerTalks over the course of the event. How were these received?

Our experts put together a series of great presentations. It became clear to us that there is a need for information on how and why electric systems are already bringing exceptional benefits to our customers, plus guidance and the key questions to consider for those taking the first steps towards electrification.

Many of our customers were actually surprised by how far down the line we are with the technology and that we already have so many projects operating globally. We’ve seen many of our customers being troubled with the emergence of electrification and they are looking for us to guide the way. We are tackling this challenge head on and that’s one of the main reasons behind releasing this new platform called Electrification Story, which will provide information and a number of tools for our customers and partners.

Did any particular trends come up repeatedly in the conversations you had at bauma?

Firstly, that the industry is going through a big technological change as our competitors have either already moved or are in the process of changing to permanent magnet technology. The key driver for this technological shift is efficiency, which other companies have finally taken notice of and are now following our lead. We were the first company to utilize this technology and have vast experience working with it.

Another theme that continually came up was that we are able to showcase actual, real-life projects, while most of our competitors are still showing prototypes. Customers have big decisions to make with regards to who to partner up with to deliver their projects and we have shown that we have the electrification tools and expertise already in place.

What are Danfoss Editron’s current and potential customers looking for in both the short and long-term?

Three trends were clear at bauma – digitalization, autonomous driving and electrification. We need to provide tools to our customers to help them access and advance their projects quicker in these areas, which is exactly why we’ll shortly be launching the Electrification Story platform. The simulation tool from bauma will be available on the site, along with other design tools for our current and potential electrification customers.

Do you have anything you’d like to add?

Our customers are seeing three types of suppliers emerging who can provide electric solutions to the market:

  • ICE / combustion engine suppliers such as Deutz (acquired Torqeedo) Cummings
  • Mechanical power train suppliers such as Dana (acquired TM4), Meritor
  • Hydraulic powertrain suppliers such as Danfoss (acquired Visedo and AxcoMotors)

While these companies didn’t compete with each other before they are now all moving into the electrification market, so customers are wondering which will offer the most cost-efficient and trusted technology. I believe that the companies who can scale production will be the most cost-effective and have the strongest economical grounds to success – and we’re leading the way in the industry currently.
Interested to read more about this topic: read an eBLOG by Vice President Kimmo Rauma.

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