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Off-highway sector includes heavy equipment used in the harbor and mining and construction machines as well as forestry and agriculture sectors. Electrification of these sector is moving from first prototypes into serial production. This transformation involves various industries all over the world.

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Danfoss Editron opens in-house testing facility in Lappeenranta, Finland

The testing laboratory will conduct electromagnetic compatibility and environmental tests on Danfoss Editron’s systems and machines. Having testing facilities in-house will allow the company to test products and fix issues earlier in the manufacturing process than ever before. Having its own testing equipment has already produced research and development benefits to Danfoss Editron, such as … Continued

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Tackling underground emissions with electric mining vehicle

The underground mining sector faces a number of environmental and health hazards, including improving air quality for miners. Ventilation is also one of mining’s most expensive operational costs, as each kW of diesel burned adds multiple kW units to the power needed for ventilation. But if there aren't any diesel emissions, then ventilation no longer becomes an issue. That's why we've worked with Hermann Paus Maschinenfabrik GmbH to develop the fully-electric MinCa 5.1 off-highway vehicle, which is powered by our EDITRON drivetrain system.

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