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The transportation sector has an important role in cutting emissions and tackling pollution. The transportation industry group consists of several industries including air freight and logistics, airlines, marine, road and rail, and transportation infrastructure.

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Vicinity Motor Corp. Announces Partnership with Danfoss Editron to Power Next-Generation EV Buses

Danfoss Editron Drivetrain Maximizes Efficiency and Optimizes Performance for Commercial Vehicles June 17, 2021 – Vicinity Motor Corp. (formerly Grande West Transportation Group Inc.), a leading supplier of electric, CNG, gas and clean diesel vehicles, today announced it has partnered with Danfoss Editron, a business division of Danfoss, to utilize its drivetrain systems in the … Continued

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Danfoss Editron part of EPIC consortium developing a next-generation, zero-emission electric powertrain

The EPIC consortium has secured funding from the Advanced Propulsion Centre UK and Innovate UK to develop a next-generation, zero-emission electric powertrain. To help deliver its part of the EPIC (Electric Powertrain Ingegration for Heavy Commercial Vehicles) project, Danfoss Editron will create a Low-Carbon Innovation Center in Edinburgh, providing an anchor for its electrification activities … Continued

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Danfoss Editron joins the National Zero-Emission Truck Coalition

The National Zero-Emission Truck Coalition aims to accelerate growth in the clean medium and heavy-duty truck industry by reducing upfront costs for fleets. Danfoss Editron is collaborating with Danfoss’ Corporate Public Relations and Government Affairs department in Washington, D.C. to support multiple electrification initiatives that are being advocated for across the country. The global reach … Continued

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