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Danfoss Editron delivering hybrid propulsion system for new superyacht

  • Superyachts emit over 300,000 tons of CO2 annually, a figure similar to or even higher than the emissions produced by entire countries.
  • Danfoss Editron’s hybrid marine system produces less noise, saves on space and weight, lowers fuel consumption and reduces emissions.
  • Bering 145 will be the first superyacht in Bering Yachts’ fleet and is expected to be ready for delivery to its owner in 2022.

ANTALYA, TURKEY – Danfoss Editron has been selected to provide the hybrid drivetrain system for the Bering 145 superyacht, the new flagship model of Bering Yachts’ fleet. It is expected that the transoceanic model, which will feature some of the latest electrification and yachting technology, will be ready for delivery to its owner in 2022.

Bering Yachts designs and builds semi-custom steel expedition yachts and luxury steel trawler yachts ranging from 15-45m in size. As Bering Yachts’ first superyacht, the model will become the flagship of the company’s fleet. The 45m model will feature a master bedroom and a further five guestrooms, quarters for the 12-person captain and crew, as well as dedicated dining, entertainment and lounge areas.

Danfoss Editron is working with Marinel, its system integrator in Turkey, on the project. Marinel is an electrical consulting company that specializes in the design and application of shipboard power distribution and automation systems. Danfoss Editron’s system will contain power take-off and power take-in machines, converters, grid solutions for the AC network and DC/DC solutions connected to the yacht’s batteries, all of which will operate via a DC-cabinet and be controlled by the electronic control system. The system will be configured so that the energy flow can go to and be taken from all directions, such as from the generator and motor to the grid or from the grid to the yacht’s batteries.

When operating in hybrid mode, Bering 145 will have a range of over 12,000 miles at an average cruising speed of 9 knots and be capable of docking and mooring. With reduced noise, space and weight savings and lower fuel consumption, Danfoss Editron’s hybrid marine system will offer smooth operation and an overall improved passenger experience to Bering 145’s owners once delivered.

According to research published last year, there are 300 superyachts currently operating globally. Collectively, these emit over 300,000 tons of CO2 emissions annually, a figure similar to emissions produced by the entire country of Burundi and even higher than other nations, such as Liechtenstein. It is expected that the hybrid Bering 145 superyacht will save approximately 33 tons of CO2 compared to a similar diesel-powered alternative.

Commenting on the project, Danfoss Editron’s Director, Marine business line, Erno Tenhunen, said:

“Our compact electric motors offer high efficiencies, previously only seen in electric vehicles, to the marine propulsion market. Our electric propulsion motor product portfolio now goes up to 6MW, meaning that we can electrify larger ships and vessels than ever before.”

Alexey Mikhailov, President of Bering Yachts, commented:

“We chose to work with Danfoss Editron because of the company’s sophisticated technology, which is compact, lightweight and highly efficient. It was essential for our customer that the company we selected to provide the yacht’s hybrid system had worldwide recognition and proven reliability, which Danfoss Editron does. We firmly believe that our first experience of working with the company will be pleasant and enjoyable and are already looking forward to working together on new projects in the near future.”

Marinel‘s Managing Director Özgür Akay added:

“With the electric and hybrid drivetrain systems provided by Danfoss Editron, we provide our customers with solutions that fully meet their needs.”

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