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Danfoss Editron joins forces with Taiwanese government institute to accelerate marine electrification

  • Danfoss Editron and the Ship and Ocean Industries R&D Center have teamed up to launch the Green Energy Application Development Center (GEADC) in Taiwan.
  • The new center will showcase a new electric marine DC power grid jointly developed by both companies.
  • The GEADC will also serve as a learning platform to marine professionals from Taiwan and other Asian-Pacific countries.

TAIPEI, TAIWAN – Danfoss Editron and the Ship and Ocean Industries R&D Center (SOIC) have partnered to launch the Green Energy Application Development Center (GEADC) in Taiwan. The new center will enable both companies to enhance their expertise in developing green energy technologies, boost the competitiveness of the marine industry and establish international standards compliant with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Officially inaugurated on May 13th, the GEADC will showcase a new marine DC power grid jointly developed by the two companies. The new integrated solution includes a Danfoss Editron marine system and active front end technology that can connect to the grid network via a two-way power transmission device. Other components of the marine DC power grid include a synchronous reluctance assisted permanent magnet motor test system, a high-efficiency DC/DC converter, a dynamometer and a switchboard. Energy management software based on programmable logic controllers will centrally control the system to ensure a reliable and smooth operation of the DC grid under different loading conditions.

The GEADC will provide a learning platform to shipbuilders and stakeholders from Taiwan and other Asian-Pacific countries to better understand Danfoss Editron’s products and applications. It will also help marine professionals to complete factory acceptance tests and obtain marine certifications.

Barry Yung, Sales Director Asia at Danfoss Editron, commented:

“This is our second collaboration with the SOIC, following the retrofitting of Ferry Happiness, Asia’s first hybrid-electric ferry. As a leading supplier of energy-efficient and innovative solutions, we offer an extensive and complete product portfolio that can meet the requirements of vessels of all sizes. The opening of the GEADC will strengthen our range of customized, integrated solutions and improve our technical support capacities to support our customers in the best possible way.”

Dr. Shean-Kwang Chou, CEO at SOIC, added:

“The GEADC will serve as an open learning training facility, offering practical, step-by-step guidance to marine engineers so they can receive the best possible learning experience. The center will also help reduce early-stage technical uncertainty, providing risk-free and time and costs saving to ship owners and ship builders. With this new center, we’re looking forward to opening up a green ocean market in Taiwan.”

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