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This is the NEW eCalculator!

To get started with your journey in electrification, test our new eCalculator – and don’t forget to try also the eConfigurator and eSimulator.
Experience the POWER and BENEFITS of electric machines and build your knowhow on electrification.

Dimensioning an electric machine just got more FUN!

This is a calculator that helps you to dimension the electric drivetrain components and to build hybrid and electric system architectures for your machines. And it’s easy!
To calculate your electric system, you start by choosing an application you are electrifying.

All you need to know is what kind of vehicle or machine you are working on and the calculator will then tell you what system would work best: parallel hybrid/serial hybrid or full electric system. Read more about the electric systems.

The calculator will guide you to choose the needed values for such a machine and system. If you don’t know the values, you can test the calculator also with example versions of machines.

It is worth it because with the result, the calculator will also show you the system architecture and performance graphics. How great is that!

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