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Marine eConfigurator

Meet the NEW 3D eConfigurator for Marine!

To get started with your journey in electrification, test our new eConfigurator for Marine vessels.

Experience the POWER and BENEFITS of electric machines and build your knowhow on electrification.

Configuring an electric and hybrid vessels just got more FUN!

Marine eConfigurator

This is a 3D configurator that helps you to visualize the electric drivetrain components and to build hybrid and electric system architectures for your marine vessels. And it’s easy!

To configure your electric system, you start by choosing a vessel type you are electrifying.
After that you can choose from different system architectures: parallel hybrid/serial hybrid or full electric system. Read more about the electric systems or watch a demo video of the Marine eConfigurator.

The configurator will guide you to choose the needed components for such a vessel. It will also show you the direct benefits of each system.

Marine eConfigurator, the first digital tool we have developed specifically for the marine industry.

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