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Great stories bring people together.

And great stories bring to life the purpose of our work.

Great stories bring people together.

Electrificationstory.com is the home for these stories that pave the way for electrification. We are on a mission and we want to be the trailblazers of the technology transition, to move the mountains for renewable and more sustainable energy system, and to educate the next generation of key players.
We think that sharing information and having open discussion is the best way to get there.

So, sit back and enjoy the stories: videos, articles, studies and tools we plan to share on this platform. And if you want to get active and share your story for the benefit of the electrification ecosystem, get in touch with us! This can be the beginning of your Electrification Story.

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Who is behind electrificationstory.com

Electrification Story is a concept developed and operated by Danfoss Editron to share information and stories around electrification and especially electrification of moving vehicles. This platform aims to be inclusive and open and the objective is to support the electrification industry by sharing information and tools for electrification. We welcome content from our partners and other electrification experts.

About Danfoss Editron Oy

Danfoss Editron Oy specializes in hybrid and electric powertrain systems for off-highway, on-highway and marine markets. A business division of Danfoss, it develops and manufactures high-performance power systems for heavy-duty vehicles, machines and marine vessels, based on its unique synchronous reluctance assisted permanent magnet technology. Danfoss Editron Oy powertrains deliver market-leading efficiency and are suitable for hybrid and electric applications within the power range of 30kW to 2,000kW.  

With operations in Finland, Denmark, China, the United States of America and most recently Edinburgh, UK, Danfoss Editron has assembled an award-winning team to work on the technologies that will enable the world of tomorrow to do more with less.

Danfoss EDITRON is the complete electric powertrain system developed by the company. It is controlled by powerful software that optimizes each individual component of the electric or hybrid powertrain, leading to far more intelligent management of power distribution in order to deliver maximum efficiencies for the end user. https://www.danfoss.com/editron

About Danfoss

Danfoss engineers advanced technologies that enable us to build a better, smarter and more efficient tomorrow. In the world’s growing cities, we ensure the supply of fresh food and optimal comfort in our homes and offices, while meeting the need for energy-efficient infrastructure, connected systems and integrated renewable energy. Our solutions are used in such areas as refrigeration, air conditioning, heating, motor control and mobile machinery. Our innovative engineering dates back to 1933 and today, Danfoss holds market-leading positions, employing 28,000 people and serving customers in more than 100 countries.  We are still privately held by the founding family. www.danfoss.com