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Electric & Hybrid Marine World 2019 Danfoss EDITRON stand

Electric & Hybrid Marine World Expo in review with Philipp Fedorov

This year’s Electric & Hybrid Marine World Expo was the biggest and most successful to date.

Danfoss Editron had a strong presence at the event, with a large stand attracting a consistently busy crowd over the three days while our Sales Support Manager Atte Yrjölä took to the stage to discuss our electrification expertise in the marine sector. 

We caught up with Philipp Fedorov, our Marine Sales Director, to get his thoughts on the event, how it has changed compared the previous years and what customers are looking for in the marine sector. 

  • What were your overall impressions of this year’s event?

The exhibition is definitely growing and maturing. It now has an international focus rather than being Netherlands-centric, while lots of new companies attended this year. This is great news for the industry and us as it shows that the shift to electrification is here to stay. 

Our booth was packed for all three days of the event, with visitors being mostly professionals looking for solutions tailored to specific projects. This shows that there is a demand for the online tools we’re developing and that they will be of great help for companies both used to and new to electric solutions. 

  • Did any particular trends come up repeatedly in the conversations you had at the Electric & Hybrid Marine World Expo?

Electrification was the main topic of conversation. We spoke to many companies that had previously not considered integrating electric solutions to their portfolio that are now trying to enter the market. 

So far, no company has managed to stand out from the crowd and impose itself as the market leader, which is why they are dedicating time to finding the best component manufacturer possible. The current lack of market leader also leaves more space for technological alliances to happen. 

We also heard lots of discussion about fuel cells and this technology was definitely more visible at the exhibition than during previous years. 

  • What are Danfoss Editron’s current and potential customers looking for in both the short and long-term?

There was a clear difference between short-term and long-term expectations from clients. 

In the short-term, customers are mainly focusing on new technologies and quick solutions. They want to know which technology will be the best and most profitable at saving fuel, reducing emissions and enabling clean operations. 

Longer-term, they are looking to build solid business relationships with partners that have a stable financial situation and can guarantee reliable business operation for next twenty years or so. . This is where we can stand out from the crowd. 


One of the highlights of our involvement at the Electric & Hybrid Marine World Expo was an evening drinks reception that we sponsored, during which our Vice President Kimmo Rauma unveiled Electrification Story, our new online platform. Aimed at creating a cross-industry electrification ecosystem, the site will feature interviews, thought leadership articles, blogs, news stories and digital tools. Watch the interview with Kimmo Rauma at the World Expo.

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