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It’s okay to have a digital footprint

I once read that digitalization is in the DNA of Finns. Since the creation of the Digibarometer[i] survey in 2014, Finland has always ranked amongst the best three countries for digitalization. Several of our key sectors have integrated innovative digital solutions within their businesses, such as cybersecurity, gaming, healthcare and telecommunications, to name a few.

However, digitalization shouldn’t be restrained to innovative new solutions. Existing products and services should also integrate digital solutions, with digitalization embedded into the way we do business, into processes and in the ways we interact.

The hype around digitalization is growing, but despite the plethora of new terms having recently appeared it can be hard to see the concrete actions companies are putting into place to embrace it. When I think about our overall digital footprint, I question what’s stopping us from utilizing the full potential of digitalization.

Going digital really can mean taking a giant leap for a corporation, its staff and customers. At Danfoss Editron, we started planning our digital journey three years ago when we were still a start-up called Visedo. Finland is highly supportive of innovative ideas and we received funding from Teke’s CleanWeb program, which is now known as Business Finland.

Our plan started with mapping all of our processes and contact points with customers and other important stakeholders. At the time, we wanted to invent new ways of adding value for our customers and connecting with both them and our suppliers digitally. We also tried to imagine what opportunities AI, connectivity and the Internet of Things (IoT) could offer us in the future.

Now that we are part of the Danfoss Group, we know it takes longer to change the system as a whole. Nevertheless, change can start from smaller steps. How can we make a process easier, faster, more efficient or more useful? How can we add value for our customers? Once the ideas are there, you need to think of the tools that will help you solve those challenges.

Coming up with creative ideas is a crucial first step. However, the most important one will be finding the right partners to build and implement your digital solutions.

We were lucky that Finland is full of innovative companies producing digital twins, IoT sensors, AI solutions and digital platforms. We developed concrete pilots in four different areas and using IoT we were able to demonstrate the added value of our new technologies by simulating real customer cases.

We’ve created an online calculator and 3D configurator, both of which ease the demanding process of dimensioning and designing an electric drivetrain. We’ve also built a platform to offer these tools to the industry and the public for free. All of these assets will build awareness and improve our customers and partners’ abilities to embark on their electrification journeys.

We’ve used digitalization to meet customers digitally before physically. We also wanted to share the expertise we’ve built inside Danfoss Editron and to engage the industry with our disrupting technologies. When you are leading the way, you need to share information so others can follow. Industry disruption will not occur if just one company has the knowhow. We want to speed up sustainable change and open up our technologies to a larger group.

Try our digital tools on our Electrification Story platform – www.electrificationstory.com – and be part of the change.

[i] https://www.etla.fi/en/publications/digibarometri-2019-digi-tulee-mutta-riittavatko-resurssit/

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