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Multi-million euros investment to emc testing cababilities takes us to the big league

Being an industry-leader encompasses much more than just ensuring we have the most cutting-edge technology. For us, it also means finding new ways of improving our customer service.

That’s why we recently invested millions of EUROs in a new in-house testing laboratory in Lappeenranta, the home of our headquarters.  We will use the facility to conduct electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and environmental tests, which guarantee the quality of our EDITRON systems to our customers.

Until recently, these tests were performed at external facilities, which created several challenges. It was easy for the queue of products that required approving to bottleneck, due to limitations with the testing facilities, while testing needed to be planned and booked several months in advance.

Opening our own testing facility will allow us to test our systems and machines at an earlier stage of the manufacturing process than ever before. This will enable us to identify potential issues sooner, when problems are generally easier to fix.

The laboratory’s EMC test chamber is already performing tests, assessments and checks. We are excited to see the remaining testing capabilities come online in a few months’ time.

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Overall, this significant investment will deliver a huge improvement in the quality and reliability of the products we design, manufacture and deliver to our customers globally. By bringing our products to the market quicker, we are also further increasing our ability to lead the electrification revolution.

If you’re interested in finding out more about our new testing laboratory, or are keen to see how we can help you on your electrification journey, then feel free to send me a message.

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