electrification story

Interested in how electric machines operate?

Check out the eSimulator game and find out what happens inside the machine’s drivetrain when operated. You can choose from four applications and different operations modes with an easy to use simulator tool.

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Get on with the eSimulator game!

Ever fancied to test drive an electric or hybrid vehicle, well here’s your chance. This eSimulator gets you to see four electric- and hybrid vehicles on site. Feels pretty real because they are real applications on the market – see how the electric drivetrain functions: power, torque and rpm in demanding heavy load conditions.

The nature of heavy machinery is cyclic load that requires high peak power. When choosing a hybrid or electric power train customer gains superior benefits in lower fuel consumption and emissions.

You can choose from four applications or play with all of them:

  • Take a trip to Norway: full electric PON-CAT Z-line excavator
  • Watch out for big trees falling down: Logset 12H GTE hybrid forest harvester
  • This is truly a joyride: hybrid electric Sisu Polar truck
  • First of its kind, electric horizontal drill: Normag NRI 100-90 CE
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