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Asia’s largest artificial lake welcomes its first two emission-free vessels

The two workboats will undertake water quality control testing and engineering operations on Beijing’s Miyun Reservoir. Danfoss Editron has provided the electric power equipment that controls the propulsion of both vessels, enabling zero-emission operations.  The Miyun Reservoir is Beijing’s main source of clean water for its 21.5 million habitants. BEIJING, CHINA – Danfoss Editron has … Continued

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Danfoss Editron to highlight increased electrification manufacturing capabilities at Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology Expo

The Danfoss Group is rapidly expanding into the global commercial vehicle electrification industry and is in the process of increasing staff numbers and boosting resources to serve the North American market, specifically with on-highway and off-highway electrification systems. Danfoss Editron now has manufacturing facilities in Europe, Asia-Pacific and North America and is the only company … Continued

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Top tips for choosing your electric partner by Kimmo Rauma, Vice President, Danfoss Editron

Construction sites are seeking to cut emissions in rapidly-growing urban areas, the mining industry is realizing that investment in zero-emission machinery brings immense ventilation savings, the shipping industry is  tightening emissions regulations in harbor cities. These are just some examples of how the transportation industry is driving the electrification revolution. Through electrification, we will be … Continued

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Tackling underground emissions with electric mining vehicle

The underground mining sector faces a number of environmental and health hazards, including improving air quality for miners. Ventilation is also one of mining’s most expensive operational costs, as each kW of diesel burned adds multiple kW units to the power needed for ventilation. But if there aren't any diesel emissions, then ventilation no longer becomes an issue. That's why we've worked with Hermann Paus Maschinenfabrik GmbH to develop the fully-electric MinCa 5.1 off-highway vehicle, which is powered by our EDITRON drivetrain system.

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Norway’s first electric excavator

Danfoss Editron has delivered electrification technology to support Pon Equipment AS in its development of a fully battery-operated 25-ton electric excavator. Transforming diesel-powered excavators into full electric earth moving machines is key in meeting the Norwegian government’s new policy on zero emission construction sites. Diesel use in construction machinery accounts for about 20 percent of all CO₂ emissions in Oslo. The new policy has been set in order to support Norway’s radical proposal, pledged in 2016, to become climate neutral by 2030.

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Finland demonstrates ice technology expertise with innovative and sustainable icebreaker vessel

Icebreaker bow forms part of EU co-funded project aimed at developing the winter navigation system and ensuring sufficient icebreaking capacity. Innovative hybrid-powered and self-propelled removable bow could enable any ice-strengthened vessels to be transformed into icebreaker vessels. Danfoss Editron’s hybrid electric systems cut emissions and reduce fuel costs. LAPPEENRANTA, FINLAND – The Finnish Transport Infrastructure … Continued

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