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Electricity in motion-wheel-loader-OEM-system

Editron electricity in motion

We are proud to introduce you to the world’s most sophisticated electric drivetrain system EDITRON. EDITRON is the name for the complete electric drivetrain system from Danfoss. Software-led, the EDITRON system delivers maximum efficiencies for heavy-duty vehicles across the off-highway, marine and transportation sectors.

Electrification Marine Off-highway Transportation

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Powered by Danfoss Editron, the pioneering self-propelled hybrid removable bow is the world’s largest motorized of its kind and capable of breaking ice up to 70cm thick. The bow could enable any ice-strengthened vessel to be transformed into an icebreaker. Danfoss Editron’s hybrid-electric system reduces both emissions and fuel costs. LAPPEENRANTA, FINLAND – The Finnish … Continued

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